Certificate of Authenticity

Each My Friend Jesus doll comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the quality and craftsmanship of your individual toy. Every Certificate has its own unique Friendship Code and a Unique collectors code. These two codes are your ticket to unlocking great interactive games in our FRIENSHIP CLUB, as well as your chance to win a $1,000.00 scholarship!

The Unique Collector's Code

Each Certificate of Authenticity has a unique collector's code on the top left corner of your certificate, combined with the friendship code this will authenticate your doll and you will be able to register it under your name.

Having Trouble Finding Your Friendhip Code?

Your Certificate of Authenticity has a seven-digit code located in its top right-hand corner. Simply input these numbers into the registration area to the right of this paragraph and you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a 1000$CDN scholarship. If you are our lucky winner, your money will be put into a scholarship trust fund in your child’s name and will be left to grow along with your child, so that they can pursue their dreams with higher education! We announce the annual scholarship winner during the Christmas season. Stay informed- sign up for our newsletter!