My Friend Jesus

It can be difficult to raise children today; everything moves at high speed and true connection with other people is becoming more difficult. In such an environment, we introduce the My Friend Jesus doll to help you and your children slow down and have good, old-fashioned playtime. We hope My Friend Jesus can support the moral lessons you give your children; lessons about respect and the values of friendship that will ensure they succeed as individuals. Lessons that champion generosity, gratitude, honesty, loyalty and fair play. Who better to act as a role model than Jesus? Jesus is the perfect friend. He accepts people for who they are, he cares for his friends unconditionally, he is honest about what he believes in, and he has a generous soul. Jesus teaches us that our best friends are the people who stick with us through the good times and the more difficult ones. He teaches us that true friends are the people who love us enough to inform us when we’ve done wrong, so that we can make amends and improve ourselves. We hope My Friend Jesus will fit seamlessly into the lessons of friendship and caring you already share with your family. Learning to be a good friend is part of learning to be a good person and My Friend Jesus is here to help guide our children towards values that will bring them success!

The Doll with a Message

We recognize that you want to raise children who are trustworthy, genuine and caring. To answer your call for value-laden toys, we’ve introduced a wonderful new addition to playtime. My Friend Jesus is a doll designed to bring joy and comfort to your children, all the while acting as a learning tool that can help you teach your children the lessons of respect, love and friendship that are so important to you.

The Friendship Pals